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5 Tips for Buying a Coffee Grinder

Choosing a particular model of the coffee grinder from a number of options may be an easy task to do. But selecting what features you want in your coffee grinder and which one fits best might need some research. Buying pre-grounded coffee is easy but nothing can match the level of taste when the beans are ground just before you brew.

Freshness is something which is very important if you are a coffee aficionado. Thus, to satisfy the needs and to get the best coffee experience, you need to go through some of these helpful tips when choosing a coffee grinder. Here’s what to look for before you get your coffee grinder.

Burr or blade grinder?

So, basically there are two types of grinders, one is burr grinder and the second one is blade grinder. Always keep in mind that you are not looking for a blender where it doesn’t matter whether your ingredients are chopped uniformly or not. Buying the right type of grinder provides a consistent grind.

Most commonly used grinder i.e. blade or manual grinder is affordable but is unable grind coffee beans consistently and also using a blade grinder for a long time may burn the coffee which further affects the taste of your coffee. However, there is always a solution to every problem, so if you switch to high-quality coffee beans, maybe blade grinder can be a good option.

If the taste is everything that matters to you, it is recommended to get the burr grinder. Grinding coffee beans in a burr grinder promises uniformity. Coffee connoisseurs? You’ll easily find the difference in the quality of the flavour.


Before you look for a coffee grinder, just see how many members you are going to grind beans? Every model is made to hold some certain amount of coffee and since you don’t want to compromise with the flavour, you’ll have to grind beans before each time you brew.

So, due to the very reason you need to get a high-capacity grinder if you regularly grind coffee for several being. Whereas, a small capacity grinder will be enough if it is for you only.


Don’t go for the model that says HIGH-SPEED because it is a sign of an inexpensive model and that won’t even last longer. High-speed motors in the coffee grinder may burn your beans that ultimately leads to bad flavour and aroma.

If you don’t want this thing to happen, put coffee beans and grind them using the start-and-stop method every time. Thus, will provide you rich taste of coffee. Although, it is always recommended to buy a coffee grinder that grinds at lower speed high-speed coffee grinders that comes with gear reduction can also work.

Burr Coffee Grinder

Grind Settings

If you love experimenting with your coffee, a coffee grinder with several different settings and also that offers consistency is the one for you. Generally, grinders with more settings get pricier, so make your budget accordingly. You’ll see two of these commonly used grinders i.e. stepped or stepless. A stepped grinder allows you to select any one set from a set number of options before you start grinding. Whereas, stepless grinders have more options and you can easily select one from a general range.

If you already know what kind of coffee you want, try stepless grinders as they are available with more options and usually cost more.

Ease of Cleaning

You’ll always see two kinds of people, one who wants perfect taste no matter what and others just want that the process should be simple. When you have to put extra efforts in making coffee, you’ll definitely need that cleaning process should be easy enough.
Thus, before you buy a coffee grinder, check out the reviews and ask someone with good knowledge about coffee grinders and buy grinder that suits your lifestyle. Otherwise, you will feel irritated every time after you brew your coffee.


cleaning coffee grinder

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

You know what is the best thing about preparing cold brew coffee? Neither do you need any high-technical equipment nor will you have to learn any high-level skills. Summers are approaching and nothing would be better than a perfect cup of cold brew coffee.

So with the right amount and size of coffee beans, a strainer and filtered water you can get a smooth and icy cup each time you brew. No worries if you don’t know how to carry forward this method. We are here with all the important details and steps you need to follow.

How it Works: Take some coarsely ground coffee, you can easily get from the nearby coffee shop or you can grind them at home if you wish to. Mix the coffee grounds in the water and let it rest for around 12 hours or overnight.

The reason why we keep the coffee for so long because the coffee slowly immerses into the water making it a strong and concentrated one. After 12 hours, strain it and you are ready with your coffee.

The time and patience you give to your cold brew are what makes it extremely smooth and almost sweet-tasting. Because the coffee slowly immerses in the water, it gives more time to extract all the flavour from the beans. Don’t worry the whole process won’t let the compounds to enter your cold brew that makes it sour and bitter.

Everyone has their own taste so you can make adjustments with the concentration of your cold brew and decide whether you want stronger or less strong coffee. To make a start you can use one cup of beans and let them steep in 4 cups of water. To make a good concentrated coffee, this is enough. But the same measurement is ideal for pouring over ice or you if you want to mix with milk or both. In case, you don’t like this ratio of beans to water, adjust it according to your taste.

It is not mandatory that the cold brew should be served with ice, you can try hot brew also. Now, here’s everything you want to know before trying cold brew coffee at home.

cold brew coffee maker

Tips For Better Coffee

Make sure your beans are coarsely ground: It is very important that the coffee beans are coarsely grounded because fine coffee powder like we use for a drip coffee can make the coffee over-brewed. Also, it makes the strained coffee more powdery.

Use filtered water, if possible: This particular step is not compulsory but if done, nothing is better than this. Using filtered water to make coffee provides you with a cleaner and sweeter flavour.

Steep for at least 12 hours: Yes, 12 hours means a lot of patience. You can cut down the time a little short but that doesn’t mean you don’t give your coffee its required time. If you strain the coffee before time, all you get is a weaker cup of coffee. And also, don’t over-steep it otherwise the coffee will extract some extra flavours making it bitter.

Chill your cold brew with coffee ice cubes: You should definitely try this method if you want undiluted coffee. Make some coffee ice cubes and use them to chill your cold brew.