At the Black Cat Coffee House, we are all about our customers and our community. That means we do our best to provide our patrons with outstanding service and great products. It also means that we try to obtain as many products as possible from other local businesses, because that helps to support our local Arizona community and economy. Additionally, we have a great deal of respect for those who educate our children. So, we try to support our local schools and educators, whenever possible.

Since our service begins with the people who work with the Black Cat, we felt it would be nice if you got to know them a little better. So, please feel free to browse the bios that the Black Cat people have provided.

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Community Involvementmap

  • Arcadia Cycling Club
  • Arcadia Community Day
  • Arcadia H.S. Basketball Team
  • Arcadia H.S. CMAS Fridays at the Black Cat
  • Arcadia H.S. On-Campus Coffee House
  • Arcadia H.S. & Ingleside Choir & Band
  • Archway Veritas Monthly Fundraisers
  • Bliss Boutiques’ 4 Charity
  • Christian Youth Theater
  • Discounts for school educators & employees
  • Hopi Hawktion
  • Ingleside Dad’s Club Auction
  • Ingleside Teachers & Staff
  • Prince of Peace Church Breakfast
  • St. Theresa’s sponsorship
  • St. Theresa’s Breakfast