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Welcome Page

bigbox picBlack Cat Coffee House seeks to provide a warm, inviting setting where you can gather with friends to enjoy a nice conversation over a delicious cup of coffee, soothing tea, or tasty mocha. Or, you may prefer to meet with business associates to discuss your latest plans. In any case, the Black Cat hopes you will enjoy visiting us in our contemporary, but cozy, coffee house.

When you visit the Black Cat, it is our intention that you receive excellent customer service from friendly people, and that you enjoy high-quality food and beverages. So, please be assured that all of us at the Black Cat will do our best to ensure that you enjoy your stay and leave happy.

  • The Black Cat is a proud member of Local First Arizona.
  • We support the community, which includes local area schools and businesses.
  • When you’re in the area please stop by for a visit. (And, we hope you’ll stay awhile.)
  • If you’re having a busy day, feel free to call ahead and let us know what you’d like.
  • Are you arranging a meeting or function? Perhaps we can help.