Coffee Blends

A coffee blend is created when two or more coffee varieties are blended together. Those coffees may originate from the same growing region or different regions. Additionally, coffee beans can be blended prior to roasting (pre-roast) or after they are roasted (post-roast). When a coffee is not combined as a blend, it is known as a “Single Origin” coffee or “Varietal”.

Pre-roast blends allow the different beans to have nearly the same roast profile, whereas blending different coffee beans post-roast allows for the mixing of relatively lighter and darker roasts. Also, coffee beans with similar roast profiles, but having markedly different flavor characteristics, can be blended together.

Blending can be done for various reasons. One such reason may be to ensure that a particular coffee has a consistent flavor profile from month-to-month and from crop-year-to-crop-year; For example, when coffees are blended, the coffee flavor will not be dependent on the flavor profile of a single origin coffee being identical all of the time. Also, coffee bean varieties might be blended to allow for the creation of a “signature” coffee. Additionally, a flavor might be blended with coffee beans to create a flavored coffee.

One important coffee blend is the espresso blend. And, although there has been somewhat of a desire in recent years to employ single origin coffees for espresso brewing, the blending of coffees still helps to bring a better balance to the espresso.

Black Cat Coffee House offers coffee blends and single origin coffees.


Coffees are normally described by the following four terms:

Body – the richness or heaviness of the coffee (i.e., light to full)

Flavor – the taste of the coffee on the palate

Aroma – the fragrance emitted by the freshly brewed coffee

Acidity – the enjoyable tartness or flavor brightness of the coffee

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A few of our coffee offerings

Kona Blend (mild)

Body: light-medium
Flavor: medium
Aroma: medium
Acidity: medium

Costa Rican Varietal (medium)

Body: medium
Flavor: medium
Aroma: strong
Acidity: medium

Organic Tuscany Blend (full)

Body: full
Flavor: strong
Aroma: medium
Acidity: medium

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